You might be one of the busiest souls in this world right now , juggling your days and nights with work , family , friends , party , meetings , and so much . But you know what , take time off from these things once in a while . lock yourself up in a room for at least 30 minutes everyday . Don’t attend that phone call , probably a good music will do . Have something warm , paint , draw , write something straight from your heart , or just sit simply without doing anything at all . Leave everything behind and focus on your mind , body and spirit . Get inspired , get lost in a thought , let your mind wander . It’s good , you know . Do this for yourself , it will help you stay connected to yourself .

Don’t forget the music :)



Last night around 11:00 P.M , I was in my room , with dim lights ON , with my Laptop ON , listening to some really good set of music and writing . I didn’t stop to think what word or what sentence should come next . As I was writing ,in time I  realised tears pouring down my cheeks . It was not because I was sad about something or anything else . It was because I just loved what I was doing at that very moment . I broke into tears knowing how beautifully my mind worked last night . It was just beyond happiness and beyond reality . I felt intense fulfilment in what I was doing . I was literally breathing music and words last night . I’ve never felt this sort of contentment in anything that I’ve ever done before . No happiness brought me to a level where I was actually crying over it . And every time this happens it’s like my mind is telling me over and over again that this is where I belong .

I just wanna tell you all , please do something that makes you feel like you’re completely out of this world . Every moment spent doing what you love is worth it .

I’ve completed writing two scripts that I intend to make it into theatre plays . I’ve stared taking the first steps . I hope it goes well . And I’m planning on writing short stories starting from today . I’ve realised if you genuinely ask for things , there’s always gonna be people around helping you . Don’t wait till you feel perfect about anything . Begin RIGHT NOW .

LInks : Beyonce’ Short film “Yours and Mine ” never fails to inspire me no matter how many times I watch it. What a powerful woman she is . Admire her , love her . Click here. 


I believe I have talked about doing what you love in many of my posts .  And I think this shit is getting real serious day by day. If you are reading this , no matter how old you are , and where you are , or what your present situation is , if you are not doing what you love , then it is time to make things right . Before I could go any further I should confess , No  I haven’t reached my goals yet . But i am working for it every single day and I’m working for what I love and what I believe in , and I know I am gonna make it. When I am doing what I love , I feel ; the right word to use is not “happy.” I feel the fulfilment in my heart. And nothing and nobody else can match to that feeling .

This Universe wishes good and great things upon all of us . It gives us hints from time to time letting us know our rightful place , and where we truly belong. Some people , some very wise people , notice those hints , and along with some sheer guts , determination , hard work and with some bad ass energy catch hold of their dreams , and eventually they end up living that dream . The word “Dream” is not something that happens only when you are fast asleep . Great dreams come to us for a reason , and it is it’s way of telling us to make that dreams our reality .

Keep looking for what you are passionate about , and when you find don’t let go off it’s feet , till you completely draw it towards your side and make it yours . Al of us  , each and every one of us , have the ability to make our dreams come true , we all have the ability to inspire a huge crowd , we all have the ability to make our presence felt , and make our voices heard . Me and each one of you . All that you gotta do is stay determined , work your ass of , hold on to your perseverance ,and don’t you dare give up . Please don’t do any work that’s because it pays you well . When you do what you love , you might not be too high on cash , but in time you can see you soul grow , your mind expand , and all the material things will follow you once you find happiness in your work .

Let people laugh at you , let them criticise you , let them trash you . They don’t know what it means to walk alone on a path less taken , they don’t know what it means to be a Hero , and what it means to be great . All those who talk trash behind your back live their life under constant protection , and they don’t know what it means to fall down and rise back up again . But You do .

Please decide once and for all what you’re gonna do with you life . Your work could either kill you inside , or it could teach you what the word “fulfilment” really means .

Cheers to a great week ahead :)



I just edited my ABOUT page . What do you guys think ?? Is it ok ??

I watched this movie last night titled “One Day.” One hell of a beautiful movie . Perfect dialogues , and it has this heart melting soundtrack by Rachel Portman . I loved it . It’s kinda euphoric what one good piece of music does to you . Here’s me falling in love over and over again with music .

And Jim Strugess . Boy , Is he pretty !!!! :D What a man !!! Really !!

See it for yourself


Let me post another


See that smile ??


If you open your mind and look around , you would see that people who are really successful , and above all the people who are really happy are the ones who do what they love . This Universe gives us many opportunities to grab hold of our dreams . Some notice it and they don’t let go of it . Whereas some who live listening to the voices of others around them , loose sight of what the Universe wants to give them . I woke up today contemplating on two words – Dreams and Courage . They happen to be my favourite words too . These two words defines a man in the best way possible . This world should change is so many ways , and I think when every individual learns to adopt these two words into their lives , the world will eventually become a better place .

  • An informative article on depression and it’s symptoms by Oliver Sacks. Click here.
  • Watch this brilliantly intense video  Sia- “BIG GIRLS CRY ” .
  • “SB 101 isn’t the only thing happening in Indiana. The government shut down clinics that helped teach safe needle-sharing and now we have around 80 new cases of HIV in one town. A woman was recently sentenced to prison for inducing her own miscarriage— “feticide” they called it. ” Read the rest of the article here. 
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  • Great reading list for the Spring by refinery29.

Serene :



  1. It is OK to be lost in thoughts sometimes . Even if this happens to you everyday , that’s really fine . Allow your mind to wander , because you’ll never know what big beautiful thing you mind could find if given a chance .
  2. Keep books and music close . They are not gonna judge you , they are not gonna leave you .
  3. Whatever it is that you are doing , do it with love . Take time to find what you love , and work on that every single day . One day it could even become your future .
  4. Be involved in Art. Read, write , paint , dance , create , make . Something will do .
  5. Spend more time caring and nurturing your mind and soul and less about your damn looks . When the first two is rich , external beauty follows.
  6. Please believe in yourself . Belief can change things .
  7. Inspire yourself and others .
  8. It is ok to not feel part of a group . It is OK to get tired of your friends. People change , feelings change (sometimes , not in all the cases ) .
  9. Change is good sometimes . Embrace it with both arms .
  10. Walk away from negative people , and if you are in a group and if you feel small or ordinary please walk away .
  11. Do great things with love that would change someones life .
  12. Knowledge is wonderful . Knowledge is all that really matters in the end .
  13. Don’t do anything to please others .
  14. Please keep you heart and your intentions pure .
  15. Raise your hand for education .
  16. Choose love .
  17. Be great . Period.

Inspiration :