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"Helene glorifee" by Gustave Moreau (1897). “Hélène glorifiée” by Gustave Moreau (1897).

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Helen of Troy, also known as Helen of Sparta, was the daughter of Zeus and Leda and sister of Clytemnestra, Castor and Pollux.

Pollux shared a father with Helen (Zeus), whilst Castor’s and Clytemnestra’s father was he king of Sparta, Tyndareus.

In Greek myths, Helen was considered the most beautiful woman in the world.

By marriage she was Queen of Laconia, a province within Homeric Greece, the wife of King Menelaus, who was Agamemnon‘s brother.

When it was time for Helen to marry, many princes came to seek her hand.

During the contest, Castor and Pollux had a prominent role in dealing with the suitors, although the final decision was in the hands of King Tyndareus, Helen’s father.

Menelaus, her future husband, did not attend but sent his brother, Agamemnon on his behalf.

Before this, when Helen was a…

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“‘Having it all,’ like any form of success, requires hard work. It requires an adoption of a heroic mode of being. But the hero is solitary, individualistic, set apart from the human community. She is a wanderer, forever searching out the Holy Grail, forever questing, pursuing the goal that will provide the accurate reflection of her own abilities. The hero, being exceptional, is essentially alone.”

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Hello lovely blogger ,

If you are reading this I just wanna tell you , please keep books and music close to you. Always . So much can happen if you are in a great relationship with books and music , but above all they will help you find wh0 you really are and what this one life is all about . Music and words will help you find your intense nature , and that is good – to feel intense about certain things . Be wise when you choose what you are gonna listen to and what you are gonna read . Because they could either make you feel nothing at all , or they could change your perspective completely about your own life completely for good . And whatever it is that you feel when you are with books and music , share it with the world . If you feel that the impact is gonna change at least one person , then please share it with them. I would listen to a piece of good music , and sometimes I would wonder how would a gunman feel if he listens to this music . Please keep them close . Music and words have saved lives , they have changed lives . If you can take music and words too deep into your soul , then you are the lucky one.



An Interview with Nuala Ní Chonchúir

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Nuala Ní Chonchúir was born in Dublin and now lives in East Galway. Her fourth short story collection Mother America was published by New Island in 2012. Her third poetry collection The Juno Charm was published by Salmon Poetry in 2011 and Nuala’s critically acclaimed second novel The Closet of Savage Mementos appeared April 2014 from New Island.

Under the name Nuala O’Connor, Penguin USA, Penguin Canada and Sandstone (UK) will publish Nuala’s third novel, Miss Emily, about the poet Emily Dickinson and her Irish maid, in summer 2015.

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I had the pleasure recently of asking Nuala some questions about her writing, her processes and her thoughts on literature.

Can you tell us a bit about the day to day process of your writing. Do you set aside specific time and place for your writing?

Yes, I am rigid about my writing time and protecting it. I have kids…

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The last two weeks has been a little hard for me. So many matters meddling with my mind and heart , it was all just too much to take it in all together . So many confusions , so many solutions , so much pride , so much fear , so much love , and so much hatred . Ugh !! We humans just go through so much shit right ?? And what separates us into two categories is that some survive all the disasters , while some let that disaster take over them . And to all those who have survived , and to all those who are fighting to survive loss, traumas , heartbreaks  failures Hats Off to you all .  Please do consider yourself as a hero . You really are . And to my favourite group of people – those who work their ass off, and fight for their dreams , wherever you are I just want you  all to know , you are your own hero , you are your own inspiration and please do not give up on what you are fighting for . Yo will get it , work , work , work , and you will get it . 100% . Be your own inspiration every single day and let everyone around you look up to you . Let them all look up to your fabulousness . The universe has the heart to give us everything good and great , only if we could open our minds and hearts and ask for it .

I have not reached my goals yet , I am yet to achieve something big . But all that I know is , I will get what I want . How do I know that ?? Well I am so sure of it because of one simple reason , ” I want it so baldy , and I am willing to work like a devil for what I want . And above all I believe in me , I believe that I can really be what I want to become . ”

There is a very powerful concept that I have come to realise  -You get back what you give out to the universe . So your job is to give out all the positive energy out to this world . Give out awesomeness out to this world . Give out hardwork , give out good intensions , give out wishes and prayers , love snd kindness . This world needs dreamers. This world needs dreamers who are willing to change this world using their e . Let us all be that energy , You , me , him , her . Let us all work towards a goal day and night . Let us work for it , and let us bring our dreams to reality .

From the bottom of my heart I wish all of you tonight . May  all your dreams come true , and wishing you a very happy life . Life is gonna throw us down at times , and let us promise that we will get back up every single time we fall . Let us fight , work , fight , work for all that we want . And let us be a reason for at least a small change in this world .



We live in the year 2015 , we call ourselves the modern era , the time of youth-power and the time of great innovations . Mankind has been responsible for almost everything that has ever happened in this planet . All the good and all the bad . For awhile let us us talk about the “bad” happening in this world because of mankind . DOMESTIC VIOLENCE . WOMEN AND YOUNG GIRLS BEING RAPED . SEXUAL ASSAULT AND ABUSE . There could be so many terrible forms of atrocities in this world , and this issue seems to be forever at it’s peak . What good is this planet if humans can’t walk among other fellow humans with equality and in power ?? Raping innocent little girls and women , sexual and domestic abuse , inequality seems to have forever taken it’s place here and it is such a shame that it still exists even after many powerful voices fighting for it . How does all this happen ?? This happens when a little kid , a boy is brought up in an atmosphere where he is told that it is OK to hurt girls , and that is OK to hit them and abuse them , and that it is them ( the Men) who should forever be controlling the women . Where did all this even begin ?? I don’t know the full record about other countries , but I know India is one of the worst countries ever where every 20 minutes a female gets raped . I come across so many women every single day – my family members , my friends , cousins , relatives , neighbors – and all this women have one thing in common – they are all controlled by their men . Still . They are Not given the rights to speak out their opinion , they don’t have the  rights to tell others what they want and what they don’t want. Things are even worse in villages . Girls are asked to quit education so that they just get married and get the hell out . And they they are placed into the hands of their husbands , and they treated like shit . Their job is to cook for the men  , and used just for pleasure in bed and then followed by taking care of their kids inside their 4 walls . Let me tell you this exists in every 3 out of 5 houses in India . Education is the solution . Education is one powerful tool.   Education will make a woman realize how much she is important in this world . How much she could contribute to  the society . Education paves way to more higher dreams  But all this can’t be stopped just by educating girls to be fearless and powerful . Well it does solve more than half of the problem . But this ridiculousness can be brought to an end only if men are taught to respect women and treat them with equality . I pray everyday that every boy child born each day in this planet , should be brought up in such a way he will learn what it means to respect a women . Watched India’s Daughter, the documentary based on the Delhi gang rape victim Jyoti Singh . Watching that documentary made me realize so many things . I realized the kind of society I live in , I realized how cheap the mentality of  Indian men could be , and how far he could loose his humanity . Those 5 men who not only raped Jyoti , but also brutally hurt her ( they removed her intestines and she was thrown away from the bus ) . Do these men even deserve to be called as Monsters ?? I bet Monsters are far better . A Delhi Court has banned the telecast of  this documentary in India . I am Indian and I’m gonna say this aloud ” I AM ASHAMED TO BE AN INDIAN.”  Those of you foreigners who say that you love India and that you so badly want to visit India , please do watch the documentary and rethink about it . There is just so much wrong going on here . The only thing that is good about India is it’s long lost culture , it’s monuments and temples and few , very , very few good people . More than half of the population are poor  who are struggling to get even a piece of bread . And the Government won’t do anything about it because the more poor people in India , the more the Indian Government can survive .  I can see so many countries changing , the mindsets of people changing , but not India . The public alone is not to be blamed . The Government should be too . Only if the punishments are severe , these kind of unacceptable ridiculousness will come to an end . The public is willing to bend , but the Government won’t allow them to . I also wrote this blog post on the issue that as the years roll on Indian women won’t find a partner to marry if they have higher education and if they are powerful. The rates are higher that highly qualified Indian women won’t get married . I request you all to please watch this documentary and please tell as many as many people as you possibly can about this documentary . Let them all watch . If you have more number of people checking out your blog , then please share this .  Let everyone know how cruel a man’s mindset is . Let them all know that EVERY FEMALE CHILD IS IMPORTANT . P.S If the link to the documentary doesn’t work , please search for “India’s Daughter” documentary on Youtube . It is a 60 minutes film. Somehow please , please watch it . It could change minds .  c0b6744b38e6fa5e5330fd48d8beee7e