“There is a Rhythm. You have to listen to hear it. It beats inside each and every one of us . It beats like a drum. It says get out there. Create. Do something special. It is the rhythm of inspiration. It says make music. Inspire. Build. Be a Hero. Nurture that rhythm. Take it with you and make it sink. We all have that greatness in us, and with the right tools there are no limits to where your rhythm will take you.”

  • Rhythm of Microsoft Scrap Book


WORDS FOR LIFE : f u c k t h a t b r u h!


What a mess I am! What a complete mess my life is! God I don’t know where things are leading me! Damn will I ever achieve everything that I want to!! I gotta say the best part of all these uncertainties in that… the uncertainty of course. Nothing drives me forward or nothing helps me get back up again and again day in and day out than the curiosity to find what the hell everything means and just to see for once through all my effort where it is leading me and how I’m bound to end up. I swear at this moment I really don’t know what my blog really stands for. This seems to be a major issue inside my head. Because I fall in love with new things everyday, and I want to write about them all. But I  if I write about everything that I fall in love with, then this blog won’t look like a definite single platform meant for just one thing. But now I’m starting to think why should it be a single platform meant for just one thing. Maybe I got this idea from being inspired my many other bloggers whom I adore and look up to; they all seem to focus on just one idea and they build their platform on that single idea alone. But right now I’m thinking… fuck that bruh! I’m just gonna put everything that I’m obsessed with hoping people with irregular thoughts and dream patterns, and people who are prisoners of art will understand it.

And in recent months I’ve learnt that the power of taking a single step with a big deal of uncertainty , yet with a whole bundle of hope and passion and curiosity is something so sublime. Through the process I’ve hated what I’m doing, but after giving it a month’s time, after working myself on it over and over again, I’ve understood how much that love-hate relationship with a pursuit has helped me grow. Every single step matters if you choose to dwell deep into it with utmost curiosity. Sometimes the surface looks rough, the path in deep looks rough too, but the person comin’ out of it feelin’ worn out and exhausted, that feeling bruh.. it’s just wow. If you’re reading this, I’d suggest you to trust the process, no matter how rough things get, and how far below you think you are, fight yourself out and trust the process. If someone calls you a psycho for being real and different, embrace it. If someone calls you illogical because you have your own set of fuckin opinion, embrace it. If someone calls you a loser for holding on to something that you love for too long, embrace it. If someone calls you different, or weird, embrace that shit too. If someone calls you an attitude-freak, arrogant, or a rebel just because they don’t agree with your way of living a life, well hell embrace that too.

I’ve embraced it all, and it feels too good to accept myself as I am than waiting for someone else to validate my life.

And if someone tells you otherwise, you tell them f u c k   t h a t  b r u h   :D


The kind of immense happiness inside me when I’m working on my own, personal wordpress blog, I think after more than a month at least, that is just joy in a whole new level. Nothing like a blog and a secret diary. Honestly nothing like these two. I feel like humans and emotions are becoming more extinct these, and the ones who fight for those(honestly) are called “rebels,” “misfits,” “arrogant,” “needs help,” “sluts,” “needs-to-get-laid,” “kill him/her”. And what an escape route and  personal diaries are. For those of you reading this, if you don’t have the habit of maintaining a personal diary please do start with that habit. You might think nothing ever happens or nothing great will ever happen in your life that’s worth writing about, but trust me, the things that you can pour in those pages can sometimes never be poured anywhere else. And it also in a way shows you who you really are. But just in case if you guys have the habit of maintaing a personal journal, please share your thoughts, share your experience, share with us how long you’ve been writing, and how much it has been a part of your life. I really, really wanna know. I wanna know about something that’s beautiful and close to you, and something that means so much to you.

I honestly wanted to write about something else, but wow, I ended writing something totally different. I blame the music that I’m listening to.

Found this photograph, and I had to share it.



I am growing sickin’ tired of people who answer me, “Nothing” when I ask them the question, “What are you extremely passionate about?” I just wanna say these kinda people are extremely dangerous to have around, because sometimes even mediocrity could be contagious. Being human is not just about getting an education, working, and getting married and doing all the shit that comes after that. Being human also means that every human born should dedicate their life to something insanely soulful. So many people have even lost the idea of falling deeply in love with another person. It sorta irritates me when people take these things too lightly. I think every soul should work on dedicating themselves to something; some form of art, that’d make their life better and also the lives of others who touch and sense their art.  Mediocrity could probably be shown in so many things, but not in how one expresses themselves when doing what they love. It is highly necessary to fall in love with something over and over again so deeply , that they reach a point where their obsession can be felt in their skin and bones. And to all the people who relentlessly follow their heart I hope you all marry someone who knows how to make the best Pizza in this world.

  • I am 70% done with Ayn Rand’ Atlas Shrugged, and I have to say this is simply one of the most brilliantly written books I’ve ever read. Just to think about the thoughts and ideas Ayn Rand has put into this book leaves me amazed. It’s like every powerful word and every powerful and intellectual feeling is poured in to make this masterpiece. I don’t understand when I read reviews where people complain that the book is to long , or when they say they didn’t like it. I think most of them don’t like to be lectured about something so intellectual.

Have you read Ayn Rand’ “Atlas Shrugged?” What are your thoughts about it?

  • Every Saturday night when I go through the secret chambers of Youtube I somehow end up finding some of the best pieces of music and some of the best artists who leave me wondering how I survived all these years without listening to their music. The same happened last night when the secret chambers helped me find Radical Face. I know that those of you who’s been listening to Radical Face for ages, are silently trashing me for being so late. But WOW, I really can’t understand how someone could create such splendid music. Last night their music literally left me breathless. I just wish people in this planet listen to good music; it really has the power to change minds.
  • I wanted to share with you all this photograph that I found on Pinterest. I have no idea to whom this photograph belongs , and no idea about the photographer. I am so much in love with this photograph. It clearly looks like a recording studio, and I can make out that there’s a guy singing with his headphones on. Beautiful image though, especially those lights in the darkness.



  • 70’s and 80’s New York Artsy Magazine’s . Click here.
  • In honour of Hunter S.Thompson 78th birthday weekend, here’s some life lessons from him about living life on the edge.
  • The invisible(Powerful) hand behind Harper lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Click here. and here.


First of all I wanna thank WordPress and all my kind, kind fellow bloggers for all your support. With this one platform I’ve overcome the fear of not being good in writing, I’ve overcome my self-doubts, and I’ve realised how much I love writing. Even the words “I love writing” seems to be so futile-an understatement. But well, that’s the strongest word we have. I’ve grown to love my obsession for writing and reading in this last couple of years, and I wanna say every single one of  you have been such a huge inspiration for me. In some way or the other every single one of you bloggers have been my greatest teachers. This art(Writing) has helped me survive so many things and thinking about it leaves me emotional every single time. I’m obsessed and I just can’t be casual when I’m doing something related to art and  I’m super passionate about it that sometimes it freaks the shit out of me.

And the reason why I’ve not been quite regular with my blogging is because I’ve got a job at a new startup magazine- Student Filmer. I’ve been longing to establish myself as a writer for almost a year, and now I finally have this  break. Student Filmer is yet to come out in print form, and till then it will be published in Digital Magazine format in Magzter.

So, little details about Student Filmer :

  • It’s a start up Magazine focusing on South Indian filmy news. It covers mostly about Filmmaking, Cinematography and Photography. 
  • We have just released our Second edition in Magzter
  • When I say “South Indian filmy news,” that doesn’t mean it covers only South Indian stuff. It does 70% of the time, but I try to cover Hollywood and European stuffs, because personally that is where my interest lies. 
  • We are consistent in putting up posts in our blog. You will find my posts under the name – PRIYANKA
  • In case if you are interested in South Indian filmy news then you’d definitely find it interesting, and if you have friends(Indians) or anybody who is interested in Filmmaking and South Indian stuffs please do let them know about this magazine.
  • And “I” would personally promise you that I will work on putting some Global stuffs about Filmmaking, Cinematography and Photography. 

And every time I put a blog post in SF, I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted here.

Do follow us on Twitter and hit Like on Facebook. Also do spread the word about our Magazine through Facebook and also do try reading our second edition in Magzter – it’s totally free. You’ll find my article there about Andre Bazin’s theory.

It takes literally just 10-15 seconds to sign up to Magzter. All it asks for is your Name and Password. Here’s the sign-up page.

I gotta say it just makes me so happy that I am part of this magazine, and that now I have another whole different platform to exhibit myself as writer. I work with such a beautiful team, and I am delighted to say that I have started somewhere. Hope this dream grows more and more every single day.

Seriously, there is nothing more amazing than doing what you love, and I am blessed to be doing what I love the most in this world. And I no more want to be irregular at blogging in WordPress. I miss this platform way to much already. I will make sure that I’ll work even more hard to do everything that I have to do.

Thank you :)

Student Filmer 2nd Edition Cover
Student Filmer 2nd Edition Cover