In between all the ups and downs in a man’s life there are just some things that he will always rely on , somethings he will always look up to . A wise person will will always keep close  the things that helped them move forward ,  the things that made them more human , the things that made them an artist , the the things that gave them a purpose and the things that made them feel more alive . In our lives we all at some point get hit by some of the most sublime things this Universe could provide us , yet not all of us understand it’s worth , and in time we just let it fade away . We forget the impact that it created , we forget the big change it brought in our lives . When I sit down to make my gratitude list form time to time there are certain things that when thinking about how much they have changed my life , they literally tear me down . Because those things have helped me to be who I am today . The 7 big greatest gifts I’m blessed with . The 7 greatest gifts we all are blessed with . I make a promise to myself everyday no matter what happens , no matter where I go , I will always and forever take my 7 gifts with me and that I’ll never forget them . No matter what you’re age is right now , just to hold on to these things is a privilege and I hope you guys carry your 7 gifts with you forever .


I always tell my friends and family that if Music doesn’t change the way you think and act , then probably nothing else will . I’m not forcing this thought into anybody , but this is what I feel . One of the purest forms of Art is music , and I think it is every man’s  duty to follow this art closely . Choose the right music . Find the music that inspires you and moves you . That will not only change your thoughts , but eventually your actions too . You can change your ideas and thoughts about so many different things in your life , but you can never deny how amazing a beautiful piece of music made you feel . The memories it brings along , the dreams it brings along , the sense of contentment it brings along , the tears , those dark nights , you can literally feel your mind bursting into millions of little stars . Keep music with you . Take your music wherever you go . They will always be the ones constantly reminding you of who you are .




Aaaaaahhhhh Books. Literature . Writers . Words . Novels . Smell . Such pure , pure words . Only recently I watched Robin Williams movie , Dead Poets Society . I was ashamed for not watching this movie way back earlier . But watching it last week , there were tears in my eyes throughout the movie . The scenes , the passion Robin William conveys , the dialogues , the poems – WOW . Being someone who loves books and words and authors and who is literally in a relationship with books , every single scenes just gave me goosebumps . The students in that movie , sneak out of their dorm room in the middle of the night , picking up just a torch light and a poetry book, running out to the woods , so that they can read poems o each other , and feel the words running through their veins . I was just so much in awe of that scene . The impact books create in our lives in marvelous . I would say , it’s always good to keep books close to you because at times reality sucks . We humans gotta find an escape route . We have to find a way to broaden our imaginations , to think big and more . We have to fall in love with fictional characters – this is hopeless love , but still…. Every book you read is gonna change you in one way or the other . You might not be aware of this , but it definitely will . Read books , give them to your children , and then to their children , and never forget the books and the characters you loved , because at one point you literally spent every night thinking about them . I believe when I become 80 years old or something , I will still take my old books , dust them , I will smell them , and when I read those words, I will be reliving my 20’s all over again .




Friends & Family . Is it a little odd to remind people to mention that they should always have friends and family close to them ??? Or maybe not . There are people out there who forget the ones who gave them something called as life . In between family , friends and growing up , there enters so many things like – ego , hate , greed , jealousy , ungratefulness . Should they even exist in between  the people who loved you and who brought you up . Not many are blessed with a family right now . How many homeless kids , how many children with no parents , no one around to call ‘my family,’ parents who have lost touch with their children . All this things have actually become part of the Universe – the things that shouldn’t even happen . Love or hate always , always hold on to your family . Keep them close as long as you live . You’re friends are the ones who are gonna enrich you , influence you , make you , push you forward – so choose them wisely .  Friends are such priceless gifts . The things that you share with them , you just can’t share them and do them with anybody else . It is a privilege to grow old with them , to cry over your favorite books, to get excited about your favorite artists , and still look back at you’re younger selves and laugh when you’re old .




Love demands so many things – Tears , pain , heartache , happiness , loss , failures . In our lives we all come past one another for a reason . In love , we might not know this in the beginning , but in time we will . Some might end up in happy marriages , some might end in heartbroken goodbyes  , and some without a clue if love will hit them ever again . But all this leads to one important thing – A lesson . The lesson that teaches you –  it’s just tremendous . In time you would actually see yourself grown up so immensely as a person . Only love can teach us that kind of a lesson . When marriages fail , when relationships fail we actually tend to hate that person . But is there any point at all ?? In hating that person ??? Through every step love is to exhibit acts of letting go , forgiveness , accepting one another and … LOVE . In the process of all these things and growing up , some people just give up on Love . How can someone give up on love ??? Literally everything exists today because of love, everything is being created because of love . We all deserve to find true love . And no matter how long it takes , at one point we are gonna get it . Keep love close to you . Keep the ones who gave you that love , even for a short period of time close to your heart . Because…. Love .



This is the one thing that moves us . The one things that gives us a sense of purpose , a life , something to live up for , something to push ourselves a step ahead. Dreams are what makes us . They define us , help us find our place in this world . Seriously , no dream is too big . Yet some give up on their drams too easily . How can it be that easy to give up on something that been whispering in your ears all night and day , something that made you smile when you were alone in your room . It is never too kate to dream a new dream . Even if you’re 50 years old , or 70 years old , have that drive , the passion inside you to push yourself forward into doing something . Dreams are what makes a man . So many things reconciles with a dream – passion , perseverance , effort , hard work , getting out of the comfort zone , killing fear . The sense of satisfaction one gets after finally achieving a dream – well , I don’t know about that because I haven’t reached my dream yet. But I wont give up . I never will . We never should . Looking back I’m sure we’re gonna be soo happy that we tried for something that we considered larger than life , and probably at that moment we will realize that we have lived a life .











MY HEART BEATS FOR LITERATURE . Oh my love , Literature .



My heart beats for Literature . Well , it does beat for other things too – Food , food and Jude Law . But aaaaaaahhhhhhhh LITERATURE . I am becoming a bloody literature drunkard . Do you know this kind of sensation you get when you are really , really thirsty ??? – the kind of adamant need for water , to quench your thirst . Well , this is happening to me in a way where I am forced to grab a book and quench my thirst for literature . Has his kinda thing happened to anyone of you ?? And at that moment I just get completely lost . I would feel like I’m gonna loose my sight , and that I’m gonna start choking  and stop breathing , and to avoid all this I just have to rush open my closet , pick up a book and…

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