I AM NOMINATED FOR THE “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD .” I am sorry , I forgot to turn off the Caps Lock . I am just soo damn excited . This is definitely a huge deal . I mean , winning is another thing , but being considered by a fellow blogger is something huge too . I’m not gonna justify if I really deserve this , or if i don’t , but I can promise myself and you guys that this blog is gonna get better and better every single day . For the past couple of days , I’ve been reading about some super famous bloggers being nominated and winning some really cool blogger wards . I was soo happy for them , and I was feeling so inspired and determined that I should reach that place one day . I see this nomination as a beginners step for reaching more heights .

I have a confession to make . I started this blog on WordPress one and a half years back . And to be honest , I’ve been regular with my blogging spree only for the past 3 months . I have been so ignorant towards this blogging because of college , and french classes and other commitments . At times I seriously regret that , because I love writing soo much . Just so very much . And I’ve been picking up new followers and some really beautiful comments just withing these last 2 months . And above getting to know more and more wonderful blogs . Thank you guys .

I wanna thank all my followers , all the people who is at least bothered to visit my blog even if not following .

 And now , I wanna thank Andy  from THE WORLD OF ANDY LAWSON . Andy , thank you so much . Once again , I really don’t mind if I win this or not , because all are my blogger friends and all are my inspirations ; but to be considered as a nominee by someone who is doing pretty strong in the blogging world , well that is definitely an honor .

So , to the things that should be done from my side .

a)     Thank the person who awarded me

b)     Display the “Lovely Blog Award” on my blog

c)     Share 7 things about myself

d)     Nominate 15 bloggers I admire, and let them know by commenting on their blog.

Wow . This is like being interviewed :D


Andy , Andy , Andy , I am so grateful . Thank you soo much Andy . This definitely made my day , and today you are gonna be respected so much in my journal . Thank you once again .


Now , this one is troubling me so much , because I’m trying to add the image , but I’m not being able to . I don’t understand why this thing is not working . But I’ll figure this out by tonight by sure .



  • I am a really good girl . I really am  :D Alright , there is definitely three things that defines me the most – Books , Music and Food . So , right now I am reading The Fountainhead , listening to the soundtrack from my most favorite movie , Forrest Gump , eating Chicken Curry and rice.
  • I love traveling . Traveling is my greatest dream that I will never ever give up . Unfortunately I haven’t traveled anywhere out of South India . Next year I will make it to France to do my Masters , and hopefully that will a beginning to a long , never ending journey .
  • I love India – as a whole . I love India for it’s culture . For it’s traditions , for the most beautiful history , temples and of course – Food . I love India , but I also hate India .  I’m telling you guys, all you foreigners must know, India has lost it’s culture , it’s lost it’s tradition . People from abroad visit India and they get marveled , but at times I don’t even understand what they see in here that they don’t see in their own country .  My father recently came across a man in Singapore who is also an Indian , and he said something that was actually so true . He said ,” India is 50 years behind all the countries in everything . ” I’ve grown up seeing you guys , and inspired by you people , inspired by your books , and inspired by your music , and that why I always have this aching need to get out of here sometime . But no matter what , I will always hold on to my God’s , my traditions , my rich long lost culture , and my Indian girl ways .
  • I am writing a book . Actually not “a” book . Two books :D And before I could finish it , and find a publisher , I would probably be 30 by that time :D Fingers crossed .
  • I am gonna start a cooking column in my blog . All South India cuisines , all home made . I am telling you all, I am the greatest Foodie you could ever come across , and I love great food . And my mother . My mother … My mother is the greatest cook of South Indian cuisines I’ve ever come across . I seriously can’t wait to share with you all , the best of South Indian dishes.
  • I love potato chips . * Now don’t laugh , this is important to me*
  • So many hate her , trash her for her behavior and attitude , but … Miley Cyrus was my first , biggest , greatest inspiration . And she will always be . I have two reasons to love her no matter what – NO.1 everybody can go on hating her , but she is definitely an amazing artist as a singer . NO.2 She is fearless and she doesn’t give  damn about what people think about her . Period .


I seriously love you all , and all of you , every single one of them , you guys definitely deserve this award .

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I really , really love and admire every single one of you . You all are an amazing source of inspiration to me . You guys are talented , artistic , and some of you are just legends . Love you all .




I have this addictive habit of going to Youtube and searching and listening to great music for hours, and hours , and hours . I would just get so lost in pure music , and the great voices of every single artist . Last night I found about an artist , I found his songs , was singing aloud all night long , and now I just can’t get over how beautiful his songs are . Matt Walters anybody ??



If you guys reading this post , think that I’m probably a little late in knowing about him , well then , my bad . But I’m glad I found about this artist at least now . To people who are not aware of him , Matt Walters , is an Australian singer / songwriter who has this voice that would completely melt your heart , and it would leave you dreaming about such beautiful scenes in your mind . All his songs have this melodious touch , his very sweet voice , the soft music , it’s just perfect .

If you guys truly enjoy great , soulful music , then you will LOVE Matt Walter  . So please , please , please find some time to listen to his music . You will definitely cherish it .

I would like to list out TOP 5 songs of Matt Walters . Every single one of then is just so special .

  1. I would die for you
  2. Never be alone
  3. I knew your name
  4. Today
  5. The first time

Do listen to these songs , and let me know what you guys think …




I am so sorry , but I just can’t think of any other  title for this post , and for the video I am about to share . A transgender kid’s mother , share’s her daughters transition from a male  to female at a very young age ; four . Please watch the video and do share your thoughts , and spread it as much as you can . This world needs more people like AJ’ mother , Debi Jackson .

Click here .

Three words for you Debi : God Bless You .



So , how messed up are you at this moment ?? At this very moment in your life , how bad do you feel about your own life ? ? Are you broke ?? Are you going through a rough patch in your relationship , are your being dumped by the society , are you feeling lonely , do people call you a geek or a nerd ?? Or are you afraid to come out bold and face this world and reveal your sexuality ??

If you just gave a silent nod through any of those questions that I mentioned , please tell yourself the following words , “I love myself and I am perfect.”

The first step in overcoming all your problems , your self doubts and all your inner worries , is to become the King or the Queen of your own life . The world is gonna see you, the way you see yourself . They say it is selfish to put “I” in front of everything , but I would say , be selfish . Because what you think , what you feel about yourself matters more than what anybody else thinks of you .

If you are broke , come to a realization that in this one life you would definitely be worthy of something . Go pursue that . If you are going through a rough patch in your relationship , cry hard , scream , wipe your tears , and think if all the pain that you are going is worth it ?? Find out who is more important to you , you or the person who just broke your heart .

And if your are afraid come out revealing your sexuality , for God’s sake , for this one damn life you are blessed with , just tell them what you are . And before they could accept you , be bold enough to accept yourself first . Nobody is perfect . Yes! But learn to accept your weirdness and imperfectness and know that all those imperfection sums up to you , and you are beautiful . And to you , you are always perfect .

All your messiness , all your tears of the past , all your dreams , all your achievements sums up to just one thing : YOU . YOU . YOU .

Just thought you should all know , you are all fucking perfect .








Happy Sunday everyone . Wishing you all a great Sunday morning , a great Sunday evening and a very beautiful Sunday night . Do spend this weekend doing the things that will keep you grounded , and do things that will let you know how beautiful this world is .

Read a book or get lost in beautiful thoughts . Go for a long walk at the park  , go for a long drive listening to beautiful pieces of music ; spend lots of time with music , master your life and always , always be happy .

Once again , have a glittering Sunday :)























Loads of love .



I’ll get to the points right away . Top reasons why you are being criticized .

  • You are busy and so determined in following your dreams in your own way .
  • You believe in a life that will put you in a position where you want to see yourself in the next five or six years from now, that other people think that you are not being realistic  .
  • You don’t fit inside the box made my the society  or by your family .
  • You don’t mind taking risks for the future you want , while the people around you have a safer option for you , which if you follow you are more likely to end up with a life that you are gonna loathe forever .

Now I would like to share something that has nothing at all to do with this blog post . I am listening to Groove Armada’s “Think Twice” . This song is WOW . I’m just loving it so much . People reading this post , you guys should listen to this song sometime , if you haven’t heard it before .

So,….. back to where I should actually be right now . I am 22 years old , and let me tell you all something , 22 is damn hard . I mean , all of a sudden everybody is against me. Everybody is against my ideas and what I do . Everybody is criticizing me and hurting me and trying to damn me . And to be honest , I don’t give a damn about what they say . You know there are people who say , ” I don’t care what other people think of me ,” well , when I say that line , I really mean it . I really don’t care at all  .

And there is a reason why I don’t give a shit about what other people think of me , it’s because I believe in my efforts and I believe in my actions and I believe in my dreams . And I don’t mind taking risks to live my dreams . In a way people who criticize are criticizing because , they are scared about your life . They spent their 40 or 50 or 60 years lives being scared of their own lives, and now they want to plant that fear in your head . Seriously , if we don’t take risks at this age , then when will we ??

I see all my criticisms as a form of “constructive criticisms” which is actually helping me grow immensely . To you all reading this , if any of you are on your road to hard work and doing what you believe in , don’t hate people who criticize you . Instead take that as a ladder that will get you to the top , show them what you really are, and then finally shut their damn mouth . Moreover , if people are not criticizing you , that means you are not living a life out of the box , that means you are not doing something , and that means you don’t know what it means to fail and get back on your feet once again.  Be yourself . Just be yourself completely in all your actions , but also make sure that you are not stupid .

You could go up to the four points that I listed out , and if you are not doing and if you are not facing at least one of those points right now in your life , then you are not living a life at all . Also I can say , for people who are over 30 , who are now living their life that they’ve always wanted because at some point in their lives , they would have faced those four point . The choice is yours .






Happy weekend  everyone .

Stay bold . Stay confident .