I joined BlogHer just 2 days back , and I’ve been putting up some posts.  I think I’m doing pretty good for a profile that’s just 2 days old . “MEN PREFER BRAINS , NOT BLONDES ” was my third post or something on BlogHer and I actually got quite a good number of reads for that post. I think this is one of the most sensible stuffs I’ve ever written , and I wanna share it with you guys . I believe it’s worth reading . If any of you are on BlogHer you can take a look at my page here  .  Follow me if my posts interests you or else thank you so much for dropping by :)

So here’s the post .


Are you really , really beautiful??  Do you have sexy pouts and long beautiful blonde hair , do you have those perfect pearly whites  giving out a perfect smile ??  You’ve got all this ?? Wow , then you are a stunner .

Now , are you smart ?? Are you talented ?? Can anyone have a brainstorming conversation with you ???  NO?? Well , then you are not gonna find a smart guy . Standing up for feminism doesn’t involve just fighting for women rights and talking all day long on how important you are to this world as a woman . In my opinion , as a woman there is this one thing through which you “should” show the world how strong you are a – being really , really smart . 


If you’re thinking that men are attracted to blondes and sexy brunette’s  with sexy legs and yada yada yada , that is totally wrong .  Well , I’m not telling that all these attributes are not important . They are . They definitely are  . But if a man comes to you just for the sake of all these attributes even after knowing that you are not smart , knowing that you are not educated , knowing that you are not strong as an individual , then he is likely an idiot .  In the future it will not only ruin your relationship in this fast paced world , but also , it will not help you both grow as a couple , it will not help you grow as an individual . 

The real truth and fact is this : If a man knows what is good for him , and if that man is smart , the real good gentleman will prefer brains , not blones .  This , in a way is a victory to feminism .  Today woman are expected to be smart . I am using this word , “smart” over and over again because , it  is very important if you are planning on a grand life . Women are expected to be smart , rebellious, brainstorming , educated , and so much more . Well , damn the ones who expect these things from you . 

That main questions is : what do you expect from yourself ?? what kinda potential do you think you can hold?? how much do you think you can grow as a woman .??We can all learn the answers to these question by traveling , by getting to a work experience , by traveling , from your family and friends or maybe from a very hard break-up . But , I believe that the only way to answer these questions is by giving yourself the greatest gift ever : EDUCATION . 

Educate yourself . Educate yourself and please , please educate yourself . I think  education is the only answer to almost all the problems this world is going through right now . Well there are people who have become legends just by following their dreams  and working their ass off . But their life and success doesn’t give a guarantee to your life , and to give yourself that guarantee that you are gonna lead a good life , you have to get educated . Learn , learn every single day . Finish your high school , get a college degree, work for people , make people work for you, learn more, study more , get a double masters degree  , just do all this shit  . Once we women do all these things we are definitely on the edge with every great person who has walked on this planet . Educate yourself , educate your child and her child .


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Hillary Duff is probably planing for a comeback . But , whatever it is , the sexy blonde has come out with a new song , and this is seriously the song of the summer . It’s so fresh , Hillary with her sexy voice and hot bod , the song is soo damn good and  I’ve definitely missed her music .

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I am just so happy that I am writing , and that I’m blogging , and I love to do this so much , that in between all the excitement and satisfaction comes the biggest shit – self doubt . At one point , I thought I was actually over with this crap , but then it’s like haunting me again now . I’ve got a few reasons to give myself why I feel low over the things that I love to do much , at least once in every week . No.1 , self doubt . Well , in a day or in just a couple of hours reading something inspiring will help me  get past this . And then comes the question, “What are you gonna write? Remember whatever you are gonna put up, it is mandatory that others  like it  . ” I’ve learned that this thought is both good , and bad . Good because , every time I sit down to write I tell myself ” Ok , do it properly. Do your spell check , grammar check , yada yada yada . ” Bad because , I seriously , seriously don’t fall under just one  category when it comes to writing . Be it in blogging , or writing my novel , I just don’t fall under one category .

If my goal is to impress people , i just have to stick around in writing about just certain things , and this is something that will do for now . But if I have to impress myself , if I hav to grow as a writer , and when  I have this aching need to communicate and get along with people who follow different forms of art , then I gotta throw the rules , and do what I want .

Trust me , I have tried to understand myself , I have tried to force and limit myself to write about just one particular art that dominates all other wordpress bloggers , but I can’t .I just can’t do it .

I want to write about everything , because I am damn interested about everything that is grand and great . Fashion , celebrities , authors , lifestyle , sex ,books ,politics ,  music , style , and just soo much more .

I got frustrated about all these feelings today , and I really wanted to get over with this once and for all . So , here’s the things . I have a voice . I have a strong voice , and I am gonna embrace that by writing what I want . People who hate living a life inside just one particular box will understand my voice . I’m gonna write about everything , and I’m not gonna give a damn if I get noticed or not . I believe I have got this amazing persona , and I can internalize so much just by looking at a picture or by reading something awesome . So , I’m gonna follow my voice .




“Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.”   



Greeting my dear WordPress bloggers.

Today’s prompt might actually be very exciting for some of you, probably because you have been following the Daily prompt every single day , and tomorrow you are successfully gonna reach the day #211 . Congrats to you all . And for me , to be honest , I haven’t been following the daily prompt much closely . I think in all the days 211 days put together, I would have followed it only 5-6 times . Bad me :? I know . But I have actually grown to realize , that using this daily prompt every single day is an effective tool to build your audience , improve yourself in your art , and above all you get to know more bloggers , which is the best part , right ? With just 40 days of sincere blogging , I myself was honored to meet some really cool bloggers only through daily prompt . So this is such a useful  tool, and this has definitely showcased a lot of lovely bloggers . So way to go everyone .  Well ,for me ,  I should be serious about this at least from now on .

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This is what I keep telling people around me , especially to my guy friends , “You don’t have to a woman to be a feminist.” You can be anybody , anyone , anything to be  a feminist . I mean , you stand up for a good cause , who cares what gender you are if your voice is high and true . And for all the guys who shy away from calling themselves a feminist , even when that little part inside their heart says , ” you have the power to stand up for woman and their rights,”  well this blog post is definitely for them . Because we have some amazing role models , amazing gentlemen , who are willing to give their shout out to women rights and it’s definitely a good thing to know about them .

In a recent article , Huffpost celebrated some of the most powerful men on this planet who stand up for feminism .

Click here  and get inspired .