When we are born and throughout our adolescent  we are showered with abundance of love , we are nurtured , cherished , protected , we are loved , oh we are loved so much . And in time we also learn how to give back that love – to our friends , to our families , to the people around us , husbands , lovers  . We give out abundance of love  . In between all this life gives us a life changing hint of something extraordinary . Life gives us a hint of something that every individual should cherish through all the traumas , heartbreaks , failures , successes , set backs . Life gives – YOU . Some capture that gift called YOU and they forever hold it tight , but there are some who fail to notice it , and it’s importance .

How happy do we feel when someone who matters so much to us says , “I love you.” How happy do we feel when someone lifts us up during all our failures, someone who appreciates and admires us even during our worst times ?? Someone who appreciates our skin , someone who appreciates our face , looks , our weight . But is this all that we need ?? Is that it ?? The love that comes from others , is that all we need ?? The love that comes from your husband or your wife , from your parents – is that all you need ??? Yes . But No . There is something common among all the legends who have achieved greatness . Be it a common over-weight girl who later became a celebrity , be it  handicapped guy changing the world of people like him and giving them a new meaning to their lives , be it a woman who didn’t give a fuck about how she looked or what others said about her appearance , but instead went on to make a difference in this world – they all definitely have one thing in common – Self Love . Self respect . Self admiration . They all loved themselves .


One of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself is self acceptance . Self Love . And I didn’t find this art easily . It happened only after years of ignorance ,after  years of wanting others to love me and treat me right , and finally left with nothing but an empty Me. But ever sine I’ve learned how important i am to me , I haven’t been noticing anything else but love  . Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this post , for it might shoot a light inside your mind and heart .


I see love as one of the most purest forms of Art . And nothing simple or great can be shared with extreme joy , unless we first learn to smile and laugh about it  . This thought applies to Love also . You gotta love yourself before you could share it with others . You gotta love yourself before you could get back that love . Love every bits and pieces of you ; your good , your bad , your insecurities , your guts , you beauty , your imperfections , and show the world what others think or say doesn’t really matter because , there is someone who loves you just the way are – YOU .   The ability to love someone  or something is so precious , it is so addictive , that at time we forget we need to give ourselves more of that love to enrich our presence in this world . Celebrate your presence in this world , be what you want to be , do what you feel , and love yourself with a sense of pride , cause you are awesome .



Someone once said something like , we are born many times in this world – once when your mother gives birth to you , once when you fall in love , and once when you start believing in your dreams . I would go on disagreeing with so many things  , but never on this thought . All great people were just someone ordinary up until at one point when they decided to move towards what it really takes to be extraordinary . Every dream , every idea , every thought was once noted as something stupid and ridiculous . And no great Men and Women allowed these words to stop them . Instead they just had their eye on what they believe in with a simple thought in their mind – Respect your dreams . Every human born has gotta have their own version of greatness . And eventually that greatness brings in so many dreams and ideas into your life . And as a human it is your inevitable duty to give life to those dreams . Believe in your dreams , no matter what it is . In time you might reach that dream or you might not . But one thing I am definitely sure of is that , it will definitely change you as a person immensely . Chase your drams no matter what , every minute , every second of your life till you could grab hold of it’s legs . Live your dreams and  believe in your version of greatness .


Treat yourself with compassion , with extraordinary love , with tender , with passion , vigor and boldness . Treat yourself like the way you expect others to treat you . Set standards for yourself , raise your bars , give your life a bigger perspective . Being treated well by others begins from you treating yourself right . Shower yourself with all the good and great as you wish to give yourself and don’t ever let someone tell you that you don’t deserve something great . Live your life like you wish to live , and put yourself in a position where when others look at you they go , WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWW. Give yourself everything that would make you feel and become great . Fall in love with your imperfections , because all that sums up to You . Show your greatness in your walk , in your smile , in your self acceptance , in you work , in what you love . Stand up for yourself when needed . Before anybody could protect you , protect yourself . That is what makes a woman . That is what makes a man .



Please , please , please don’t you dare hate your skin , your weight , your looks , your appearance . Because once you start hating them , it will probably haunt you for the rest of your life . Believe that you are beautiful just the way you are . Your looks really doesn’t matter . It really doesn’t . People who have achieved great heights didn’t give a shit about what they look like . For them all that mattered was their thoughts . All that mattered was their vision . All that mattered was their love sfor something big , and they were not afraid to get themselves close to greatness . Accept how your skin looks , accept your crooked nose , accept your jiggling thighs . Because noce again , all this sums up to something precious = YOU .  And if there are ways to protect what this Universe has blessed you with , protect them , treat them with compassion .

Remember ,

When your looks > whats inside your head = You are a fucked up shit .

When whats inside your head > your looks = You’re the Boss .



Up there ! Put yourself up there and don’t ever let anybody bring you down for anything . Always picture yourself being part of something great and extraordinary . Be part of something great and extraordinary  . Be part of a great place , part of a great work , be one among the great people , be one among the few souls who has seen happiness and sadness to the extent and yet, still standing so bold and graciously . Pick the work your love and become great at it . Get your hands on everything , fall in love with as many things as possible , and never let go of what makes you happy . Happiness is everywhere , in everything that you do . But not many notice it . You , should notice it .


Nobody is born being a bad person . I am very much sure every human born will have something or the other that is extremely beautiful in them . Nobody is born with a bad heart . Nobody is born with bad intentions . So where does all this hatred come from ?? I don’t know . Probably as they grow up some people don’t notice the beauty in them . Some people don’t realize the beauty they can bring in to this world and in other people’s lives . And these people need help . They need help from their fellow human beings . They need someone to tap them on their shoulders and tell them that they are beautiful . I feel , instead of killing each other in the name of war , our world would be such a beautiful place if we decide to help one another . Notice the beauty in others . Treat everyone equally . Treat them with respect , treat them with compassion . And never ignore anybody who is badly in need of some love . Smile at others , and your soul smiles back at you .


Things will eventually come to you only when you decide to take the initiative to go get them . So get them . Get them all that you need. Get yourself a damn good education , get yourself into an amazing job . Discover your page of happiness and stick with it . Believe in yourself , in your guts and instincts . Keep everything that makes you complete and happy close to you – be it music , people , nature , love , books , work , knowledge . Let people look up to , be an inspiration to someone . Stand up as a hero . Fight for love . Fight for what you need . You deserve everything great as much as anybody else deserves it . Never feel small . Because YOU are awesome . Be awesome , and …. LOVE.


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Warm climate , green tea , Brian Crain music . Well , it’s time to put up my review for The Fountainhead . The Fountainhead written by Ayn Rand and published in the year 1943 is definitely one of the brilliantly written novels I’ve ever read . Ayn Rand gets deep into her groundbreaking philosophy , Objectivism – and she forms the entire plot so effectively around this one word . Her style of writing is so rich , that she makes every word she has written appear like a treat to the readers eyes . This genius classic is the story of the intransigent young architect , and his stubborn nature and battle against conventional architectural standards .

The book opens with the lines :

Howard Roark laughed .

He stood naked at the edge of a cliff .

Howard gets expelled from the Stanton Institute of Technology for refusing to follow the rules of conventional standards of architecture , that which is legitimately necessary if one wants to be crowned as a successful architect .

On the same day , Peter Keating who studied in Stanton too , gets graduated with the highest honors and gets an offer from Guy Francon , a 50 something eminent architect , who asks Peter Keating to join his illustrious Architecture firm Francon&Heyer . Soon we learn Peter Keating has got no real talents when it comes to architecture , and he survives by pleasing the ones around him , and following the so called conventional standards bluntly – because , he has no real skills on architecture . All that he yearns for is fame , money , and fake appreciation from people of which he is not so sure how long it will truly last . Above all , Peter Keating cheats behind every work he ever does , by getting the assistance of Howard Roark for every building that he builds , and yet , earns the so called names – “eminent ,” “creative,” “genius” architect .

Howard Roark – tall , slender , talking with no emotions , because he has got no emotions . He does not sense fear , he does not believe in suffering , nobody can hurt him viscerally , because he has made up his mind on what and how the world is as it is . He doesn’t get along with anybody in any way possible , who is trying to define his work . He believe in his own standards , in his version of work , not for satisfying anybody , and thus he is a happy man inside , with so much contentment .

People around him try and do everything to throw him out of the profession . He doesn’t get a single contract from any organization , he cannot work for a man who wants a building completely erected by following rules and standards . He quits jobs , he ends up working in a granite quarry , he faces every battle that confronts him with strength . In the course of time , he wins the hearts of some men , who believe in modern architecture , and who believe in Howard Roark .

Among the one’s who are so willing to see Howard Roark fall , there are two haunting characters who want it done so badly – Ellesworth Tpphey , and Dominique Francon who work for the Wyand Papers . Toohey plots everything for the downfall of Howard Roark . Dominique Francon who is so loved by Howard Roark does everything she could to defeat him , but eventually ends up falling in love with him .

Dominique fears that Howard can never rise above the people who are trying hard to bring him down and ends up marrying Howards worst enemy – Peter Keating . She does this to get her share of pain from an unhappy marriage , seeing Howard put down by the Architectural world over and over again .

Through the years of Howard’s struggle , his love for Dominique and Dominique’s love fro him never fades . To put it simply , Dominique is the woman for a man like Howard Roark .

The plot gets even more intriguing when Howard and the hero of Wyand Papers , Gail Wyand become friends in such a way where ,Gail soon starts seeing Howard as part of his own soul .In a series of events , Dominique divorces Peter , and marries Gail . In time , Peter Keating understands that his triumph is his failure .

Does Howard Roark rise up to be a surviving architect – does he get back Dominique , what happens with his friendship with Gail Wyand forms the last 6 ( most interesting ) chapters of the story .


This book is just 700 pages of pure brilliance and richness . Drop this book saying you might not find a plot surrounding architects interesting , and you’re gonna miss a terrific book . I remember reading a review for this book , a long time back . It said , “ Be careful when you’re reading this book . ? And now that I’ve completed this book , I understand why such a comment was being made . When we are reading a good book , the characters in the story gets close to our hearts . But with The Fountainhead , the attitude of the characters attracts our mind . You should not be too much of a sponge , and you must know what to filter .

It’s hard for me to believe that I’m not holding this book in my hands anymore , because I feel like this book was the only thing that kept my heart beating on Septembver .

I would like to finish just by saying , “ DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK .”

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The ISRO or Indian Space Research Organization released this image taken by its Mars orbiter on Sept.28

Such a cool image this is , isn’t it?? The red planet appears so beautiful against the dark space . Such a perfect shot .

Oh well , hello October !

Can’t believe it’s October already . Time does fly so fast . It will be 2015 in apres le next 2 months , and the more fast the time goes by , the more I get to realize my responsibilities .


I finally finished reading Ayn Rand’ The Fountainhead , and I’ve started reading John Green’ Looking for Alaska . At times I still can;y believe I’m not holding The Fountainhead in my hands anymore . Finally that book is rest . I feel o weird about this because , it was literally the only thing that kept me going on September .

But well , now I’m holding Looking For Alaska , and it was something I wanted to read so badly for several months .


I’ve just started reading this book , and so far I’ve completed 4 chapters . And so far I’ve fallen in live with every single page , and my most favorite line or quote has to be :


And I remember that I wrote i one of my previous blog posts that I would publish my review for The Fountainhead . Well…… it’s not ready yet . But definitely by tomorrow it will . I’m so excited , because I wanna take this review writing thing seriously .

Well , Taylor Swift covers British Vogue’ November issue , and she looks swell .


And WOW this article published in The guardian on The Top 10 rural Irish books . i just loved this article , and the little compendiums written for each book is just so intriguing . Those 10 books are definitely going into my To-Read list.

Click here to read the article .

“The number of people aged 80 years or older will have almost quadrupled between 2000 and 2050 to 395 million. ” – WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION

Click here to read the rest .

Totally in love with One Direction’ new song STEAL MY GIRL from their upcoming album FOUR . Say these two words fast : WONDER ACTION .

The only thing and the only word that’s been running in my mind for the past month or so is- Fashion . So badly addicted to Fashion . And also to one more thing – Greatness . I just have this aching need to be one among the great people living , and to give back to this world by changing lives of people who are badly in need of a better one .

Anyhooo . Happy October everybody . God bless you all with so much happiness and success .


Every time I listen to any of Sia’ music and yes , especially her music video for Chandelier , my mind just bursts into a million thoughts and idea . What thoughts and ideas I can’t specify , but it just takes me even more closer to something called as Art . Sunday cannot get more better than this – listening to music , browsing about French literature , surfing through fashion blogs , Vogue , and starting my weekend reading , Looking for Alaska . In the middle of so many plans , so many things to look forward to , working for it over and over again keeps me going . I just decided today , that starting from Monday I’ll be regular in publishing at least one blog post no matter how busy I am . For me this week it’s been all about great music and fashion. I can literally see and feel them both shaping my inner and outer personality .

Here’s a list of music that has been part of my life this past week :

  1. Chandelier – Sia
  2. My Love- Sia
  3. Breathe Me- Sia
  4. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
  5. Maps – Maroon 5
  6. Drive – Miley Cyrus
  7. Boy With A Coin – Iron & Wine
  8. Forever Young – One Direction
  9. Little Bird – Lisa Hannigan
  10. Paper House – Lisa Hannigan

And of course , images from Tumblr to keep our dreams going on…








I believe this post was created in Facebook , and shared among all the friends , and nominating one another to share their own set of “10 Books That Have Stayed With Me.” I am not there in FB ,but still ,somehow I came to know about this . And being a words sucking reader I think it is my duty to share the 10 Books That Have Stayed With Me.

  1. The Catcher In The Rye – J.D . Salinger
  2. The Perks of Being A Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky
  3. A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens
  4. Silver Linings Playbook – Matthew Quick
  5. Tuesdays With Morrie – Mitch Albom
  6. The Fountainhead – Ayn Rand
  7. To Kill A Mockingbird – Harper Lee
  8. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain
  9. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte
  10. Eat , Pray , Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

It is definitely hard to fit just 10 books that mean so much to me . Why does it have to be just 10 ??? There is just so many more books I wanna include . But well , there are the first 10 that came to my mind .


If you guys have made a list of your best 10 Books , please do share it with me . Just send me in a link in the comment block, I would love to discover more great books of your choice .