I’ve got some pretty exciting news . I recently took up my SAP exams and last week I  got my results . I scored 86 % . This is definitely a huge deal , finally making it after months and months of hard work . And from next week my training starts , which I’m really looking forward to . So far this week , every single day has been so productive . I can see myself improving in every aspect and all that is making me really proud of myself .

I’ve almost completed Love in The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia  Marquez . A fantastic , fantastic read . I really can’t wait to share more about this book with you guys .

For how here are some of the best reads around the internet .

  1. I smoked pot with David Brooks. I was one of that “clique” with whom he had “those moments of uninhibited frolic.” There were seven of us. We all know what happened to Dave. The rest: a surgeon (rich), a dentist (gay), two lawyers (one dead already), one teacher and one househusband/artist (that’s me).        Read the entire post here .

2 . This is one of the best article’s I’ve ever read  : “In the words of Remi Babinet, founding chairman of French agency BETC and global chief creative officer of Havas, remove from your mind any notion of the “right” career path. Instead, he offers, “The best approach is not to map everything out or get caught up idealizing the future. Instead, you should be aware, focused and driven in each step of your professional life. That’s the best way to deal with all of the little surprises that can crop up along the way.”         Read the rest of the article here .

  1. I would qualify to speak to the trouble with writing based on the sole fact that it took me 22 years to finish my first novel. In those years of trying and failing and trying again, and failing again, I even gave up writing fiction altogether and went back to grad school to train for a new career. But I failed to embark on a new career because writing, and all its attendant troubles, wouldn’t leave me alone.     Read the rest here .

4 .The 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in London. Click here.

5.  I was 12 hours into a summer vacation in Palm Springs when my phone hummed to life, buzzing twice next to me in the dark of my hotel room. I squinted at the screen. It was 5:30 a.m., and a friend was texting me from the opposite coast. “Amanda, this twitter account. Freaking out over here,” she wrote. “There is a twitter account that seems to have been set up for the purpose of making death threats to you.” Click here to read the full article .



What a beautiful thing it is to be rightfully present in every moment of your life ?? Not worrying about the past , not being scared about the future , but just being present in the moment , in the “Now.”  This kind of thoughtfulness will not reach us in just a second . I believe , it is a process . A process where you bring all your energy , you mind , body and spirit together , and master it to focus just on what you are doing at the very moment in your life . Think about it , dreaming too much about the future , is it really gonna bring you peace , a sense of calm or any kind of belief ?? No ! All that it is gonna give you is stress , and doubts and above all fear . Fear is simply one of the top most things that will drown you if you allow it to master yours senses . When you wake up every morning , when you sit  down to do something – your work , studying , exercising , talking , listening , bring all your senses , all your focus to that one particular thing that you want to get it done . Bring together all the richness from your mind and body to that one thing that you wish to accomplish on that particular moment . Start this is as a practice day by day , and soon it will become a habit , and soon that will become your personality .

What about dwelling on the past ?? Take a moment to realize that nothing is every gonna change by thinking too much about the past . All that it is gonna do is take your time . And loosing time is to be taken seriously because , if you are really determined to achieve something , know that there are people out there who will be working twice as hard as you do when you’re actually just sitting and thinking about the past and fearing over your future .

So what does eliminating the thoughts about the past and the future give you ?? It gives you something that can never be got back once you loose it – The Now . Focusing on just the present moment will remove you from stress , from self-doubts , from fear ,  , and instead it will give you a sense of mindfulness , freedom , confidence that you are moving towards something , a sense of purpose that you have to get something done and an abundance of belief in yourself that you are gonna make it  . Be completely present and do what you’re meant to do, and in time you will see yourself moving towards that path where you rightfully belong .

Be present . Be free .



I’ve noticed at recent times that there is some vague assumption on who a modern woman really is .  Young girls who look out for inspiration to mature themselves as a modern woman think,   if a woman wears a branded dress , high heeled shoes , if she flaunts a killer hair-cut ,  and if she is fluent in her own language and if she is famous among her friends she can very well be crowned as  a modern woman . What a ridiculous idea to think that this is all it actually takes to be a modern woman . I always look out for inspiration , and being 22 I feel like it is time for me to work on being a modern woman every single day . I believe it is a process . And the more I get through the process , the more inspiration I look up to and the more I realize  what it takes to me a modern woman . When I look at someone whom I could call my inspiration , whom I could call my ideal modern woman ,I see what they are wearing , I see how they present themselves , I see how they walk , how they speak , but what strikes a light right into me is not just their outer personality , but their inner personality . I see what they actually are as a person , and as a woman . Through this process I’ve learned some powerful insights to present myself to this world as a woman . I am still learning of course , and in between I have some honest truths and ideas that I want to share about this Art .


I know what’s running in your mind , ” Oh crap , here is this girl talking about education once again .” Trust me this is one basic and one very , very important step towards being called a modern woman , and above all one direct step towards being called a powerful woman . My heart literally beats for music and books . Music can change lives , books can change lives , but not definitely like the way education can . The respect that a educated woman can get , can never be expected from a woman wearing just fancy clothes and nothing inside her head. e1aa90df6f4da7a202986b805e9061f7

Emma Watson , Hillary Clinton , Lupita Nyong’o , Malala Yousafzai- list of four stunning  modern woman who believe in changing the world using one powerful tool – education . They believed in education , they understand the value of education , they change lives by means of education . A woman with a great education can change lives , make a difference and can proudly call herself as a modern woman . There are different facets to become a modern woman , and please never ever forget  that education is the fist facet.


Beauty without stuff inside your brain is just ephemeral . It is completely not true that if you are beautiful and damn sexy , people are gonna notice you and keep you up high in a position and never bring you down . Well , this thought is just completely ridiculous . Walk around like a woman who has got an opinion or something to say ( not just to much to be called a sexist ) about any topic that rises wherever you are .  Know your facts , be interesting , know about politics , know about fashion , be passionate about books and music , talk sensible , learn about different countries , learn something about different cultures and people, learn to talk strong about your field . Remember , brains attract more than blondes will ever do . So , always learn , learn , learn . c9ce668a155d42e12fd0c85d0a191db9


One reason to become annoyingly smart – it will scare  dumb people away from you , and you will have people around who will appreciate your talents and smartness . Don’t be too cheesy and cutesy all the damn time . Don’t try to force sexiness to be exhibited . A smart woman will never do that . Be tricky , shrewd , fast . Show you smartness in your workplace , show how fast and simple you can be in what you do , and at times show how slow and savvy you are . Be boisterous , but just not too much .  And above all know what you are doing and know what you are talking . Smartness in the ultimate sexiness . e7b163071edbeb523940a05016b6ecfc


Having an attitude doesn’t always mean in the bad sense . An attitude can be exhibited in so many positive ways – most importantly in the way you carry yourself . In the way you move you hands , in the way you take things and smile about it , in the way you react to negative mews . Always go easy , be comfortable in what you are doing and who are are . And be inevitably charming . Be your best self when you are talking to people , and always exhibit more kindness and compassion . But also be careful and tricky in a way that nobody can bring you down . And people should always know their space with you . Your personality is not gonna be defined by what you are wearing ,, or what you do , or how rude or sweet you behave . It will be defined by who and what you actually are as a person . Carry your life with ease .  Be incredibly adventurous . Have you own style , stay strong and move towards what you believe . Be a doyen of a striking personality . b3fe6e562e2de3efc74b6958d9e1763f


One terrible thing about fear is that it pulls you back from where you’re supposed to go and where you’re supposed to be . As a woman being fearless should be your major goal every single day. You don’t want to be known as someone who was just born , lived , and died , do you ?? Burn the fear that’s in your body and mind . If it’s right and if you honestly want it , go for it . We usually tend to blame the circumstances and other people if something doesn’t work out right . But if we look at our lives closer , we’ll soon realize that certain things didn’t happen to us because we were standing in our own way . Broaden you mind and thoughts , and just become a little bit more fearless every day . 179eae63c16a75ce36ef97d33f0b6c69


Being socially responsible is a very important trait that has to be followed by every single person , and as a woman if you stand up for social issues , that is gonna sum up to being called a modern woman . I personally feel being socially active is a very attractive thing in a person , and that is something that should be cultivated by each one of us . Stand up for a cause you believe in , know your principles and stick with it and never lower your standards . Be part of a great community that believes in making  a positive difference in this world , raise you voice for an issue that really needs a voice . Show your part in this world to the ones around you . 96f5a3f6e9bfb16be8787a1121d12e8f


Well , I’m finally here – the ‘WOW” factor . I think the list of WOW factors in a woman is copious . Starting fro the way you walk , the way you shake your hands , the way you smile – do all this with a touch of class and boldness . Wear clothes that flaunts your personality , something in which you are comfortable of . Show your graciousness in the way you move , and in the way you do things . You are never too young to be called as a powerful woman or as a leader . Go for it with utmost boldness . Get a killer haircut , and if you feel that is is made for you make it as you signature haircut . Have your own sense of style , and let people literally go envious of you . It honestly , honestly doesn’t matter if you are fat , or thin , or medium looking . It really doesn’t matter . All that matters is how you present yourself . Know what are the essentials that will make you look like WOW , and stick with those things . Become classy in your attitude , become an inspiration to someone , work like a Boss ,  shine like a star , and be a modern woman. d6a7f62b75bc07f4bdb184d0e5f0cb58

As I said , I’m still in the process of being a complete modern woman . The facets that I have mentioned  above are the first few things that comes to my mind . I’m sure you readers have even more knowledge to spread . And if there is something that is running in your mind that should be added to this list , kindly please do share.       OTHER POSTS : THE ARE OF SELF LOVE 10 BOOKS THAT HAVE STAYED WITH ME THE DREAM – IMAGE


Thinking about it , I think we are living in a very exciting time on this planet . Though there is always problems and sufferings , I think there is not much to complain about every single day . Exciting time because , of the people and their greatness that is evolving and changing the world , the technology that’ making literally every think possible , and we are living in a time and in a moment where almost anything is possible if we put our mind and heart into it . So far this week it’s been all about some great , innovative and scientific news , and the one’s below are some of those stuffs .

In her keynote speech, an endearingly nervous McCartney detailed the early stages of turning an interest in fashion into an obsession and a career.  When she was a child, she said, “All of my energy went into working out how I would have a career in fashion.” She “sketched and sketched” and designed her first garment when she was 12. “At my 15th birthday party, a PR friend of my parents gave me a slip of paper that said, ‘I’ve got you work experience with Saint Laurent Christian Laurent.’ It was the best present imaginable.'” Click here to rad more .

There’s a long tradition of Frenchification here. Napoleon Bonaparte was born Napoleone di Buonaparte and spoke French with a thick Corsican accent. He and others spent the 19th century transforming France from a nation with a patchwork of regional languages and dialects to one where practically everyone spoke proper French.  Click here to read more .

A worm hole could open in space, providing a short cut from one side of the universe to the other .Getting too close to the gravity well of a massive object like a black hole causes time to move more slowly for you than it would for people on Earth. Click here to read more .

As Philae temporarily loses touch with Rosetta, we leave you with this artist’s impression of the lander on the surface. Thanks for joining us on this truly amazing day for space exploration. Read more here and here .


TED TALK :“Remember before the internet?” asks Joi Ito. “Remember when people used to try to predict the future?” In this engaging talk, the head of the MIT Media Lab skips the future predictions and instead shares a new approach to creating in the moment: building quickly and improving constantly, without waiting for permission or for proof that you have the right idea. This kind of bottom-up innovation is seen in the most fascinating, futuristic projects emerging today, and it starts, he says, with being open and alert to what’s going on around you right now. Don’t be a futurist, he suggests: be a now-ist. Click here to watch the video .

As Tony Montana once said: If you’ve got a good high going, you’d better do your damnedest to keep it up!* In that vein, we’ve cherry-picked a few other good news items to keep your serotonin levels elevated – and we’ve even accompanied each one with an appropriate party soundtrack! Click here to read more .

When Taylor Swift announced her upcoming global tour Monday, Shawn Mendes and Vance Joy — the two relative newcomers who were tapped as the opening acts for select tour dates — responded with emojis, naturally. Click here to read more .


I feel like maybe the world literally freezes during the moments of good music . Music is such a powerful tool . To cure a mind , to cure a soul . I have this blind assumption that people who listen to good music are good people , for when such good music enters ones soul how can anybody do any wrong . I really don’t know how far this is true . Speaking of powerful tools , I have got another one on my mind – Education . How many of you are tired of reading and hearing this word over and over again ?? How many of you are tired about reading blog posts about the importance of education ??? Well , I am not . Every time I sit down to write a post , I feel that I carry the responsibility to shine a little light about something in at least  one person . In every legitimate way the first person that comes to my mind these days when I think about the word education is Malala Yousafzai .This girl shot by the Taliban , fights for children’ education , she won the Nobel Peace Prize ; yeah , all this happened . Well there’s one thing that is happening and that will never ever fade away – this girl is changing lives . She has got one of the most powerful voices on this planet rights now , and she is fighting and working and working tirelessly to exhibit the importance of one solid , very powerful tool called Education . I mean , what better way to prove the world and yourself that you are a wonderful human being  ??? This little girl , not yet a teenager gave one of the most powerful definitions of why education is important .


Education can change lives . A child is given the gift of life when he or she comes out of the mothers womb . And it can also be said , a child is given the gift of life when education is given in his or her hands . Give an education to a child who is in need , he or she will show you the champion they could become . Being a beautiful pop star with 20 million twitter followers is awesome , being an actress with a huge fan base , well that’s awesome too  , being extremely rich and spend all the money that you have on all that you want , well , that is bloody awesome . But get an education , stand up on your own feet , get smart , grow intelligent , consume the power of education ,  you are  a BOSS and it is definitely the greatest thing than anything that I’ve mentioned above . There are still thousands and thousands of kids out there who are still longing for education , and a thousand more who don’t have the slightest idea of what education is and what it could do to their lives . This is the era where more good people with real intentions need to break free and raise their voices for education . There are kids who need those kind of people , who can pull them out of the pit . Those helping hands could be from you , from me , from anybody . The only thing is that there is no limit on how many people can actually change this world into a better place if they put their mind and heart into it . Whilst there are children who are badly in need of education , there are some who even though blessed with the best education possible   don’t actually make use of it . Why ?? Ignorance ?? Not knowing the value of education ? Not knowing what this powerful tool can give their life ?? If anybody reading this is in heir process of being educated , I just want to say , you don’t possibly have to be too hard on yourself , but please don’t quit .

Don’t quit education . You might have so many dreams and passions , please do make education one of them and follow education like you would follow any other dreams of yours . If you have got education in your hand that means you have one of the most powerful voices in the wold . This world needs inspiration . Children need inspiration . And when you put yourself in a position by means of education , the world is sure to see you as one of the biggest inspiration . Don back down . Never back down . You’ve got something powerful in your hands , use it to make a difference in some way or the other . Change happens when one decides that they are gonna be one . So let us be the change . And let us put education first . That is definitely a wise thing to do that we’ll never regret .



When we are born and throughout our adolescent  we are showered with abundance of love , we are nurtured , cherished , protected , we are loved , oh we are loved so much . And in time we also learn how to give back that love – to our friends , to our families , to the people around us , husbands , lovers  . We give out abundance of love  . In between all this life gives us a life changing hint of something extraordinary . Life gives us a hint of something that every individual should cherish through all the traumas , heartbreaks , failures , successes , set backs . Life gives – YOU . Some capture that gift called YOU and they forever hold it tight , but there are some who fail to notice it , and it’s importance .

How happy do we feel when someone who matters so much to us says , “I love you.” How happy do we feel when someone lifts us up during all our failures, someone who appreciates and admires us even during our worst times ?? Someone who appreciates our skin , someone who appreciates our face , looks , our weight . But is this all that we need ?? Is that it ?? The love that comes from others , is that all we need ?? The love that comes from your husband or your wife , from your parents – is that all you need ??? Yes . But No . There is something common among all the legends who have achieved greatness . Be it a common over-weight girl who later became a celebrity , be it  handicapped guy changing the world of people like him and giving them a new meaning to their lives , be it a woman who didn’t give a fuck about how she looked or what others said about her appearance , but instead went on to make a difference in this world – they all definitely have one thing in common – Self Love . Self respect . Self admiration . They all loved themselves .


One of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself is self acceptance . Self Love . And I didn’t find this art easily . It happened only after years of ignorance ,after  years of wanting others to love me and treat me right , and finally left with nothing but an empty Me. But ever sine I’ve learned how important i am to me , I haven’t been noticing anything else but love  . Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this post , for it might shoot a light inside your mind and heart .


I see love as one of the most purest forms of Art . And nothing simple or great can be shared with extreme joy , unless we first learn to smile and laugh about it  . This thought applies to Love also . You gotta love yourself before you could share it with others . You gotta love yourself before you could get back that love . Love every bits and pieces of you ; your good , your bad , your insecurities , your guts , you beauty , your imperfections , and show the world what others think or say doesn’t really matter because , there is someone who loves you just the way are – YOU .   The ability to love someone  or something is so precious , it is so addictive , that at time we forget we need to give ourselves more of that love to enrich our presence in this world . Celebrate your presence in this world , be what you want to be , do what you feel , and love yourself with a sense of pride , cause you are awesome .



Someone once said something like , we are born many times in this world – once when your mother gives birth to you , once when you fall in love , and once when you start believing in your dreams . I would go on disagreeing with so many things  , but never on this thought . All great people were just someone ordinary up until at one point when they decided to move towards what it really takes to be extraordinary . Every dream , every idea , every thought was once noted as something stupid and ridiculous . And no great Men and Women allowed these words to stop them . Instead they just had their eye on what they believe in with a simple thought in their mind – Respect your dreams . Every human born has gotta have their own version of greatness . And eventually that greatness brings in so many dreams and ideas into your life . And as a human it is your inevitable duty to give life to those dreams . Believe in your dreams , no matter what it is . In time you might reach that dream or you might not . But one thing I am definitely sure of is that , it will definitely change you as a person immensely . Chase your drams no matter what , every minute , every second of your life till you could grab hold of it’s legs . Live your dreams and  believe in your version of greatness .


Treat yourself with compassion , with extraordinary love , with tender , with passion , vigor and boldness . Treat yourself like the way you expect others to treat you . Set standards for yourself , raise your bars , give your life a bigger perspective . Being treated well by others begins from you treating yourself right . Shower yourself with all the good and great as you wish to give yourself and don’t ever let someone tell you that you don’t deserve something great . Live your life like you wish to live , and put yourself in a position where when others look at you they go , WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWW. Give yourself everything that would make you feel and become great . Fall in love with your imperfections , because all that sums up to You . Show your greatness in your walk , in your smile , in your self acceptance , in you work , in what you love . Stand up for yourself when needed . Before anybody could protect you , protect yourself . That is what makes a woman . That is what makes a man .



Please , please , please don’t you dare hate your skin , your weight , your looks , your appearance . Because once you start hating them , it will probably haunt you for the rest of your life . Believe that you are beautiful just the way you are . Your looks really doesn’t matter . It really doesn’t . People who have achieved great heights didn’t give a shit about what they look like . For them all that mattered was their thoughts . All that mattered was their vision . All that mattered was their love sfor something big , and they were not afraid to get themselves close to greatness . Accept how your skin looks , accept your crooked nose , accept your jiggling thighs . Because noce again , all this sums up to something precious = YOU .  And if there are ways to protect what this Universe has blessed you with , protect them , treat them with compassion .

Remember ,

When your looks > whats inside your head = You are a fucked up shit .

When whats inside your head > your looks = You’re the Boss .



Up there ! Put yourself up there and don’t ever let anybody bring you down for anything . Always picture yourself being part of something great and extraordinary . Be part of something great and extraordinary  . Be part of a great place , part of a great work , be one among the great people , be one among the few souls who has seen happiness and sadness to the extent and yet, still standing so bold and graciously . Pick the work your love and become great at it . Get your hands on everything , fall in love with as many things as possible , and never let go of what makes you happy . Happiness is everywhere , in everything that you do . But not many notice it . You , should notice it .


Nobody is born being a bad person . I am very much sure every human born will have something or the other that is extremely beautiful in them . Nobody is born with a bad heart . Nobody is born with bad intentions . So where does all this hatred come from ?? I don’t know . Probably as they grow up some people don’t notice the beauty in them . Some people don’t realize the beauty they can bring in to this world and in other people’s lives . And these people need help . They need help from their fellow human beings . They need someone to tap them on their shoulders and tell them that they are beautiful . I feel , instead of killing each other in the name of war , our world would be such a beautiful place if we decide to help one another . Notice the beauty in others . Treat everyone equally . Treat them with respect , treat them with compassion . And never ignore anybody who is badly in need of some love . Smile at others , and your soul smiles back at you .


Things will eventually come to you only when you decide to take the initiative to go get them . So get them . Get them all that you need. Get yourself a damn good education , get yourself into an amazing job . Discover your page of happiness and stick with it . Believe in yourself , in your guts and instincts . Keep everything that makes you complete and happy close to you – be it music , people , nature , love , books , work , knowledge . Let people look up to , be an inspiration to someone . Stand up as a hero . Fight for love . Fight for what you need . You deserve everything great as much as anybody else deserves it . Never feel small . Because YOU are awesome . Be awesome , and …. LOVE.


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